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Production Notes

In 2010, close collaboration in the production of mechanisms and keyboards began with the DETOA (Czech Republic) factory, which for many years has possessed the best machinery available for the production of individual components for assembly: careful supervision during the assembly phase ensures the adjustment of the mechanism on the 130 mm, in order achieve the ideal weight and speed for every pianist.

nuova meccanica

Sophisticated wood processing tools are used by DETOA in the production of the mechanisms and keyboards of Burger & Jacobi grand pianos: these electronically-guided machines ensure extreme precision.
Weight of the keyboard in the Burger & Jacobi Grand Piano GP 188

  • keys from 1 to 14: 53g
  • keys from 15 to 26: 52g
  • keys from 27 to 43: 51g
  • keys from 44 to 55: 50g
  • keys from 56 to 68: 49g
  • keys from 69 to 88: 48g